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Bifold Glass Doors

Bifold Glass Doors

ZD Windows And Doors Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China bifold glass doors manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap bifold glass doors from our factory.

Bifold glass doors

The glass bi-fold door creates a moving glass wall that opens the interior of the home to the outside, providing unobstructed views, natural light and ventilation. The bi-fold door is ideal for entertaining areas. A choice of left or right opening directions allows the selection of a layout to suit your home, and a single entry door can be added for quick access and day-to-day use. As an alternative the bi-fold door can be used internally as well as externally in your home. The outboard track system allows easy cleaning and the low force sliding system provides maximum performance. The patented torsional blocking ensures the bi-fold system retains its shape, without sagging or jamming.

Glass Option,

Clear glass, Laminated glass, Tinted glass, Low-E glass, Frosted glass, all tempered glass

Single glass: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and etc.

Double glass: 5+9A+5mm, 5+12A+5mm, 6+12A+6mm and etc.

Triple glass: 6+9A+6+9A+6mm and etc.

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