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◎ Aluminium Windows

  • Aluminium Bow Window

    Contact NowAluminium Bow WindowAluminium Bow windowProduct Specifications:Frame material: aluminium alloyHardware: Germany or Chinese top brandGlue: American, Germany or Chinese top brandGlass: insulated glazingColor: white, grey,Read More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Bay Window

    Contact NowAluminium Bay WindowBay window:A multi-panel window, with at least three panels set at different angles to create a protrusion from the wall line.Product Specifications:Frame material: aluminium alloyHardware: Germany orRead More2015-12-25

  • Single Hung Aluminium Windows

    Contact NowSingle Hung Aluminium WindowsSingle hung window:One sash is movable (usually the bottom one) and the other fixed. This is the earlier form of sliding sash window, and is also cheaper.Product Specifications:Frame material: aluminiRead More2015-12-25

  • Double Hung Aluminium Windows

    Contact NowDouble Hung Aluminium WindowsDouble-Hung windows:Double-Hung windows are one of the most popular styles for homeowners. The window can be operated from the bottom or top sash, sliding up and down for ventilation. Since it opens aRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Picture Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Picture WindowsPicture window:A picture window is that cannot be opened, whose function is limited to allowing light to be enter. Picture windows are often fixed. Transom windows may be fixed or operable. This typeRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Fixed Window

    Contact NowAluminium Fixed WindowFixed windows:Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open. They are usually installed in difficult to reach places to let in light. For unobstructed views where ventilation is not a concern, piRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Louvre Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Louvre WindowsLouver:ZD's louver window is an excellent choice for porches and sunrooms or in regions with mild winters. Their louvers open easily and close tight. Use side by side to create a wall of windows or miRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Tilt And Turn Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Tilt And Turn WindowsTilt and turn windows:Examine the elegant, clean lines of the windows. The hardware is cleverly concealed. A single handle locks and operates the window. The All Window Series Tilt & Turn windows tiltRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Swing Window

    Contact NowAluminium Swing WindowSwing windows:A swing window is that attached its frame by one or more hinges. Swing windows are hinged at the side. (Windows hinged at the top are referred to are as awing windows. Ones hinged at theRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Casement Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Casement WindowsCasement window:Our casement window is hinged so the sash opens a full 90o outward, to the right or left, in a swinging motion for maximum ventilation. For an especially charming, open-air atmosphere,Read More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Bi Fold Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Bi Fold WindowsBifold window:Enjoy the best of indoor-outdoor living with ZD's beautiful, distinct design of Bi-Fold Glass window. Aluminum frames and panels can be thermally broken with a full weather-stripped struRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Folding Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Folding WindowsFolding window:Expand you room indoors or outdoors with ease. This window system is ideal for opening one living area to another. Simply release the locks and pull the window panels with ease in the oRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Pivot Window

    Contact NowAluminium Pivot WindowPivot window:The horizontal pivot window is ideal for ventilating large openings with unobstructed views. The sash brake locks the window at the desired opening angle, and can be disengaged to pivot aRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Awning Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Awning WindowsAwning windows:This window is a popular choice. With stylish, high-tech engineering it's a favorite among homeowners and architects. A contemporary classic, this awning window offers superior energy cRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Slide Window

    Contact NowAluminium Slide WindowSlide windows:Product Specifications:Frame material: aluminium alloyHardware: Germany or Chinese top brandGlue: American, Germany or Chinese top brandGlazing: insulated glassOpen style: slideColor: whRead More2015-12-25

  • Aluminium Sliding Windows

    Contact NowAluminium Sliding WindowsSliding windowAluminium sliding windows are a popular choice for quick and effective ventilation. They are also useful in areas with limited space that cannot accommodate a window sash protruding insiRead More2015-12-25

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