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Door and window industry competition rules the customer is King

ZD Windows And Doors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2015

The customer is the core of enterprise management

Popular many years ago a saying called "customer is God", and rarely spoke. Some Chinese believe in too few people, businesses did not take God seriously, making many deceiving God and ignoring God's means of customers don't know why God, there are a number of do whatever they want, the misuse of authority behavior. Subsequently, "customers are parents, customers are friends, the customer is the boss, who looked at the market, customers judges" and many other. Because any metaphor is lame, for example, so the customer is not, nothing is to elucidate an important customer characteristics and relationship with the customer. In fact, customer is the customer, when the customer is a customer, the customer can decide the importance of rise and fall of the births and deaths of enterprises. Who can meet the needs of customers, who can create value for customers, who can succeed, the customer is King, this is the eternal law.

The customer needs first

This requires in-depth understanding of the customer, from customer perspective to evaluate one's own products and services. But not clearly express what I need. So, body odour, mining and insight into customers ' needs becomes an important skill. Kroger is the United States largest traditional grocery chain, its General Manager Dylan often dressed in jeans, one with the Saturday morning shopping crowd, shopping with my mother, and mother-in-law chatting. In this way, he understands why a particular product to customers buying, know what they face, what packaging, what price, what do you think. Close observation at close range customers, in-depth communication with customers, have become part of the chain management. Methods of their determination to get Kroger as better companies on the street. In fact, low profits and high competition within the industry, the companies received a very good sales performance.

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