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Independent shop wooden doors strengthened independent operation ability

ZD Windows And Doors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2015

Independent shop wooden doors strengthened independent operation ability

So far this year, many wooden door opened brand store opens in Beijing one after another large-scale flagship stores, in addition to in-store areas to work hard, store design, product exhibits high a lot. Is corresponding to the brand's flagship store, with the birth of the brand's flagship store, the home store also closed in the old image, becoming more open and fashion.

Why against the large-scale expansion would appear in stores, upgrade and transform it? multiple wooden brand said that during the peak season when stores booth grabs takes a long time waiting, waiting 35 years are likely, and stores will have to worry about too much decoration will affect the image of the brand and business. But now the bad cases, a brand shrink, stores will also be adjusted, just gave those interested in expanding business opportunities.

Against the shop or industry will bring new hope

For the store, and after the competition and after losing against the store brands, whether products, services, management and financial control are also good at least, side intends to shop, the other party is also vacant, the Union was consensual, hit it off.

"We support the premium-brand store upgrades, they meet the store high-end positioning, can display more and better products to consumers, can also attract more high-end customers to help build store management features. "Unexpectedly the home group management Manager Wang Ningning said.

For some previously unknown brands and market expansion, said Wang Ningning, daring at the time against the admission, suggesting that these companies for their own management, services, products, a degree of confidence. Choice in Mall expansion and brand development strategy, can be borrowed power of well-known stores, improve brand awareness marketing. But he also warned, although at this time into the stores is relatively easy, but they face large business pressures and competitive pressures.

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