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Characteristics And Application Of Automatic Revolving Doors

ZD Windows And Doors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2015

Characteristics of automatic revolving door

1) automatically open and close, easy to use. Automatic revolving doors with PLC control system uses a computer-controlled rotation Gates opened and run, so very easy to use, reliable and quiet, when the electricity was due to accidental causes can also be used manually, light, flexible and secure.

2) airtight performance, saving energy. Automatic revolving door was "always open-close forever". Doors transferred to any location, revolving door outside is open, the building is closed. It can effectively reduce Interior heat loss, reduce dust intrusion, increasing airtight, maintain health, energy. Thermal insulation, heat preservation performance is good, noise reduced, 30% than other common automatic door.

3) safe and reliable operation, ensuring the safety of persons and goods, complete functions, performance is good. Automatic revolving door is equipped with various safety devices, security sensors and computer control system to ensure operational safety, prevent people from being caught, ensuring the safety of persons and goods. Functional, good performance and can realize intelligent control of the whole building.

4) stable, strong environmental adaptability, efficiency is high. Press set program to run automatic revolving door running speed can be adjusted. When no one, and when persons with disabilities are at variable speeds, starting, running and stopping of the revolving door is at best increase, automatic revolving door automatic compensation, environmental adaptability.

5) look magnificent and generous, to add color throughout the building. Mendo automatic aluminium alloy and stainless steel material, appearance of the United States. Automatic revolving doors are not only useful, but also a luxury hotel, the building of the most appropriate choice.

Application of automatic revolving doors

In our country, with economic development, social progress, various buildings and buildings springing up. As Western society, senior hotels, hotels in China, financial institutions, shopping malls, airport terminals and other high buildings abound. Building office doors, external doors and inner door automatic revolving door is used. With the increasing social demand, rapid development of the automatic revolving door, various types of automated revolving doors are constantly developed and improved, more and more widely.

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