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Fingerprint Locks Or Smart Home Products Will Replace The Traditional Security Doors

ZD Windows And Doors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2015

Security door into the family of the only line of Defense, the security risks have been extremely clear, professional lock-picking thieves or even in a few seconds using a simple tool to open the door of the crime. Home Security has become a serious safety problem.

With the improvement of technology, smart homes began imperceptibly changing people's habits, and smart lock, fingerprint lock in particular, are irreplaceable, hard copy of the character gradually accepted as more families.

Multiple protective effect of fingerprint lock for guard against theft

It is understood that uses human recognition biometric fingerprint authentication security certification to open the door, with high-tech digital image processing, biometrics and DSP algorithms, such as technology, meet modern security requirements of next-generation access control systems. Is now widely used in government agencies, banks, luxury apartments and other places need absolute security and privacy.

"Compared to the traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint locks more secure and convenient. Hypocritical password, the burglar alarm, it can also be integrated smart home functions such as anti-theft protection role. For example, thieves used fake fingerprints can not open the door, smash, fingerprint lock automatically starts the alarm function, notify owners or community security. In addition, some high level lock and smart home networking, when thieves climbed out of the window when it touches of intelligent home and lock connected devices, triggering alarms. ”

Now, of course, fingerprint lock is still in the early stages of development, the prices are still very high. But with the economic development, people's living standards improve, fingerprint lock also can go into the homes of ordinary people, gradually replacing the traditional doors.

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