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Main Part Of The Revolving Door

ZD Windows And Doors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2015

The automatic revolving door, hat head, affixed to the fixed frame package, side-wall glass revolving door outside the box, stands in the middle and doors for rotating parts. Automatic revolving doors consist of program logic controller (PLC), computer central processing unit (CPU) speed circuit to control control device of micro-computer control system, fully automatic doors, the door manual operation only under special circumstances. All aluminum and steel frame exterior are stainless steel, fluorine-carbon spray coating, ceiling ceiling aluminum-plastic Board, the color chosen by the customer, after decoration of revolving doors even more glory.

Mechanical fixed door automatic revolving door. Fixed fixed frames of the door body, Cap on head, waterproof and dustproof cover, ground edge, fixed Center of upper and lower bearing and so on. Column and beam flower consisting of a fixed framework for the process of the main frame, columns and measure the composition of the fixed frame with high strength and stiffness. Used steel column surface decoration. Import and export which houses the rubber Strip.

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