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Several Misconceptions Of Operation Door Distributor Should Know

ZD Windows And Doors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2015

Mode of operation behind the

Diligence and pragmatism of this traditional Chinese virtues, embodied in most dealer who is particularly evident: every day worked, tavern is a hands-on, not authorized staff. In the initial stage of business, owners hands-on in all things is necessary. But if what the bosses arranged, poor staff don't get promoted, and strong staff feel no room to play. Over the past few years dealers did not establish a capable management team. As the market expanded, as well as competition intensifies, significantly behind in this way, the final result is that business is getting worse.

Sheep management

With these dealers instead, some dealers want to easily make money, so simply as "shuaishouzhanggui". In fact, many bosses are "walk away", but finally "Treasurer" has become. When the "shuaishouzhanggui" on the premise that to grasp the general direction of the boss, to have a capable team, to have a qualified professional managers and have a sound management system with reasonable and effective mechanism of benefit distribution. Otherwise, it became "sheep-style" management, the boss could not grasp the true state of the markets, stores, employees, business is not to find out the real reasons, cannot adjust business strategy. This management style, boss is making decisions "following a hunch", staff mess, where business is certainly not good enough to go, eventually come to a dead end.

Too frequent promotions

Sales promotion is a tool for upgrading the Terminal sales, which dealers can not do without. But marketing is also a stimulant, it can only play a role in sales pulled promotion too frequently can cause side effects. In the fierce market competition, businesses don't do promotions is "dead", but frequently do promotions is "dead". Now, more and more dealers are finding their own "promotion addiction": no sale no sales, sale did not profit. But many dealers are "promotional": manufacturers need to go, regional manager of the commissions from sales, and dealers are forced to keep promotions, and great each time, with increasing frequency. The end result is the dealer's sales increased, falls have less money in his pocket, is also selling the price low. Once a threatened to do "the price butcher" brand, is digging its own grave. In the Windows market, promotion must be done, but it must be limited time, limited edition, limited styles and degrees of certainty is crucial, is the so-called Miller.

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